Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Support true small companies in Skateboarding

Here's my thinking "out loud" and inspired again. What IF all of us talking and pushing for skater owned and the grass roots/underground part of skateboarding started pushing another small part of the industry, representing dedicated passion? Women in skateboarding is more than a novelty and never gets any real love from the industry they love(outside the Buffoni marketing machine of Nike). They don't get the marketing money, the massive board sales, the shops pushing products, crazy demo tours, and things we over look. One of the biggest things identified as a problem is equality for women in world. Yet, we don't seem to put our money where our mouth/heart is. The boards come from the SAME wood shops as the guys and everything! Graphics? Same shit you sticker over and boardslide off in a good session anyway? Now what is your excuse? Hell, My friends and I have all said we won't dropo a dime into someone like Nyjah whose actions have shown he is all about the payday and not the passion. These ladies are all passion, they have to be for reasons I stated before. Damn, I have a daughter and want her to chase her dreams but don't help create a world of equality to do it in(no she doesn't skate), makes me the biggest hypocrite setting her up for failure. I digress, because there is one more very important point to make in all of this. These girls are NOT some little special freak sideshow and go "oh how cute" don't fall down and go boom(since Nyjah posted that in his interview). They fucking RIP!!! No bubble wrap mainstream dream on these girls!! They take the slam just like you and I(maybe not me since I'm old and groan a little longer) putting in the broken bones, torn ligaments, blood, bruises, and curse words for the moment they land the trick. They pay their dues just like all of us, and THAT deserves just as much respect as anything else in skateboarding.

Support the love of skating, and any new avenue to do so. Just my 2 cents is all.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Educate your ignorance to understanding

Open your minds and hearts everyone. Don't let ignorance guide you, learn about everyone! Walk a mile as the saying goes. I went through USMC boot camp as a platoon guide and my #1 right hand man was Muslim and I couldn't have more trust with my life to anyone else than him. The religion really is steeped in peace, love, and tradition. Yes, you've all heard the snippets of extreme quotes in the Qur'an. The few extremist quotes you here are far less extreme than the Christian bible extreme quotes. Educate yourself and Google them, there are ones of ripping unborn children from the mother's belly. Turn off your TV and meet a Muslim in person and ask open honest questions, seek understanding of their religion instead of judgement. Don't try and debate, listen to them for understanding not converting them or views of right and wrong. Your own bible teaches of peace and tolerance, loving thy neighbor. Realize that the Qur'an recognizes Jesus as one of God's most powerful prophets. Learn with an open mind and an open heart. Stop hiding in your vanilla world and add some flavor to it. Muslims are people like you and I, you maybe Christian or Jewish, I am Atheist(learning more about pagan), but can all live together, respect and love each other for our differences. BTW that friend in boot camp died for this country fighting extremism in the Middle East. I miss him to this day.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Who am I? Good question... I'm a guy who has tip toed his way into his 40's(like a lumbering rhino) and a beautiful family putting up with my sarcasm and insanity. With over 22 years of sales and upper retail management at my side, I decided to give back a little with this site. With more and more sales(especially specialty or niche) going toward online purchasing due to not having enough specialty brick and mortar to shop. I decided to start giving my all mighty wisdom and feedback on some of these items. I am starting completely out of my own broke pocket. So, reviews will be slow going in the beginning and maybe run into a few brave/confident companies to send samples or products for the reviews. I also am aware that a lot of people just don't like to read, so I'll add some video too. enjoy and feel free to contact for anything!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The quiet and respectful storm

Earlier this year my son was losing his passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu because the school he was at, had no direction and structure. Learning became lost with students not listening and playing around. A month or so earlier he visited a sister school of Gracie PAC and fell in love with the program, a true professor, and awesome kids that embraced him and made him feel welcomof person you  He wanted to switch and we did not question it or look back, it is HIS journey after all.
 What we really didn't realize until later was the things reputation doesn't tell you. The amazing love and character all the students have for each other, the school, and their professor(who teaches EVERY kids class) and coaches. It is a truly amazing close group and family from top all the way down. From the professor, to the coaches, to the multiple IBJJF champions, to the first class white belt, it is equal love and respect.
 Along the way you meet some great kids with these attributes personified. One young man(13 yrs old) that has quietly impressed and goes on without one ounce of ego, is Damiani Castro. This young man has been sitting at the top of the IBJJF rankings for 2 years straight now. Every other competition he does in Florida are against 15 and 16 year old teens(remember he only 13) and winning them. Not only winning, but with respect for the other competitors and the sport. While he is currently an orange belt under Professor Cris, you can imagine that green will be in his grasp as he continues to to own the mat, straight A grades in school, and represent himself and school with his humbled professionalism.
 You can only imagine how much more untouchable his ranking would be if the IBJJF did a couple of tournaments in Florida. Until that day, do yourself a favor and hit a tournament in Tampa and watch a future leader in the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and now he's adding Judo to his game. You won't be disappointed in his matches or the young man you will meet.
 This is the type of person you hope your own child will become.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Your current cross fit is bullshit

BE WARNED of Workout programs that want to you max out or speed counted reps in a time frame, your instructor is an idiot and creating an environment of injury!! Basic known fact, your technique and form fails as you become fatigued and causes the body risk injury. You also aren't using full muscle when relying on momentum to complete the said exercise. Try maxing out with a steady proper form. that equals more actual productive work in a safer environment...then kick your trainer in the head for being a dumb ass.

random thoughts of PMA and rants...

You're not better than me and I'm not better than you.

People need to stop being assholes to everyone around them because they woke up with a burr up their ass.

Our government has created an entire society of paranoid, greed filled, self destructive people....and watching that world burn for entertainment.

Rational thinking seems to be a part of a deluxe package people didn't sign up for.

Nobody cares about your public displays for attention seeking, when posting your sob story/drama on FB....PM that shit to your friends. Or get a damn therapist.

Quit crying broke and posting your ass getting wasted, buying new shit, getting new ink, or feeding another vice. Quit your vices and save money. You obviously don't know broke.

Smile to someone, make their day a touch brighter for that second. It didn't cost you anything.

Pay kindness forward, WITHOUT asking for a thing in return. Stop looking for an edge or advantage.

Spend positive quality time with your kids, they are more important than your social life.

If you don't like someone on social networking, quit being a douche bag keyboard warrior.... stop bloody following them and move on!!

Assault weapons are for socially weak and inept.  Learn there are other ways to handle conflict.

To be continued. .... enjoy? Lol

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Why I do skate reviews

I love reviewing the little guys and helping spread the word on them. When the product is good and driven with passion, I WANT to help spread the word. I'm not huge with a ton of followers on the blog, but it's decent and it's a starting point.

I do want to do the reviews differently now. Not only review the products, but a little back story on the company and people behind it. Helps people get to know that there's more to the item and actually develop a connection with the story. In 20+ years of sales, that emotional connection creates a loyal buyer back for more and word of mouth.

I do this stuff, because as an old dog in this industry, I've seen the marketing game become as dominant and influential as ever before. Creates a HUGE hill to climb for the guy starting out. I wanted to take my retail knowledge and skate experience and help shrink the gap in any way I can.

You want a review? Email me anytime