Tuesday, November 5, 2013

First and final impressions in Skateboarding and Life

 I think we've all heard the phrases "leave a lasting impression" or even "he/she left a good/bad first impression". Took me a few too many years to figure out how important those phrases are in life. Leave a bad feeling behind and you may never get a second chance to show who you really are or can be. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm NOT saying to be someone you're not or even kiss anyone's ass. Just be a genuine human being to yourself and others around. Where am I going with all of this drivel? When you are younger, you are laying the foundation for the world of the person you are and want to be. Be an asshole enough and eventually you are standing by yourself, alone, and desolate inside(Ask Ritchie Incognito how being a dick is working out for him).
 I see a lot of young and large egos in skateboarding and elsewhere. Which a large ego can be confused with confidence and quite often is the case. The path I want to touch on, is the over inflated ego. I think it's amazing and necessary for a sense of confidence in ANY person, period. It enables you to push not only your own limitations but also perceived public possibilities and social stigmas. Example, there is a kid that can flat out skate his ass off and create new levels of tricks and style, pushing skateboarding forward. Same kid thinks he's too big for humility or common courtesy. He either ignores or belittles someone not as good trying to learn a trick he knows, gets on social media and balls of stone and talking to crap to people with a difference of taste or opinion. The kid he teased either gives up believing what he heard or tired of what he heard, people he harassed online think he's the biggest douche bag on the planet. Either way, he doesn't know who those people are or could have been. He was making fun of the next Rodney Mullen and being a douche to the owner(or friend of the owner) of one of his flow sponsors that drop him and then people hear why and distance. Similar types of excommunications have happened to people before, not all got second chances. Basically, it all has a lasting rippled effect that is infinite. How do think stereotypes gain any traction?
 How do you want to leave your mark in this world? Are you the kid who laughs with friends and helps the next person up? Or, the asshole that everyone avoids and if sponsored, avoids your products?
These are easy choices to make, A or B. The conscious and educated choice is yours to make. Try watching the movie "Pay It Forward" to better understand the ripple effect.

Good Luck

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