Monday, November 4, 2013

Hypocrisy and money in skateboarding

 I hear and read every single day and several times a day, people getting on a tirade about big business raping skateboarding and skateboarder owned businesses. Then I have to laugh at them wearing Vans, DC, Globe, Diamond supply Co, etc.... The previously listed are yes, once skater owned groups but are now are what everyone pisses and moans about. They all sell to gigantic retail conglomerates as fast if not faster to the local skate shop, and giving the bigger retail doors a bigger bulk discount the shops can't afford to receive. Therefore your double standard of money allocation and attention.
 Speak some honesty with your money if your going to bang that drum. There are dozens upon dozens of new companies by skaters starting their dreams in order to give back to this industry. Want a more independent shoe company, try Fallen Footwear or Servant. Instead of Diamond hardware(which sucks now, anyway) try, Knowgood Hardware. Instead of Grizzly(Diamond affiliated) use Filmbot instead. Some others would be SML Wheels, Elephant Brand, BrenGuard Skateboards, Chance(Canada Only), or your local Shop deck.
 Ideology isn't a bad thing as a whole, it's necessary. It will lose all meaning and validity though when spoken behind hypocrisy and money trails. I am in no way endorsing or encouraging people to give up on companies or ideals, just be smarter about the drum they bang next time they hop up on a soap box. Nor am I "hating" on any person making a ton of money, that's what businesses are supposed to do.
  I don't bang any drum or scream injustice about any of it. Maybe it's because I've skated since '84 and been in retail since '90 and understand the art of business a little more than the average bear on the street(no, I don't claim to know everything). Yes, I do try and support my local(Westside) as much as I can.
 Curious about my current personal choices? I use(d) Elephant, Real, Blind, Mystery boards... Spitfire F4s & Bones STF... Bones Swiss bearings... Knowgood Hardware(diamond before I found Knowgood to be tons better)... Mob & Filmbot are preferred, used Grizzly and Paradox... Indy and Thunder(hopefully soon Theeve).... I skate Nike SB and Fallen Footwear only anymore. Etcetera project insoles only. These are current preferences, but really looking forward to trying new and possibly better brands out there.
 All of this done and said... at very least, give the new guy/brand a go and you may be impressed and find a new company before it became big. You'll also help foster growth of someone's dream and passions. That's the ONLY way we can continue to grow and develop skateboarding.

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