Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Spirit?

 First of all, let me get this out to begin... I'm NOT religious and do NOT endorse any of them. Now, on with the ramblings of the day.

 The premise behind Christmas has evolved into many things. Taking out the religious undertones and fiction, you have good will to man and it's about giving to others. What the hell went wrong with those ideals? From camping in a tent for a week outside a damn store to trampling, punching, fighting, cursing, and killing each other(literally) for a material possession. Rife with such hypocrisy amongst us all. What happen to love is not measured in material possessions or gifts? Children grow up thinking they aren't loved unless they get the things on their list. Instead of a week in a damn tent, how about a week with you children or family(if no kids)/friends. They all think your an idiot for camping out anyway(cue the iPhone drones). That time spent will create a much more positive impact than the cheap TV/Cell phone.
 I love when people do something for someone else, without the desire for any type of compensation. Shit, it feels great in the end, and you want to share it because you are excited and want people to do the same. Don't be an asshole to the person proud of what they did for someone and feel good about it. A skateboard "friend" on FB(devil's playground) Doug Des Autels posted about such an event and a few people blasted him for it. Saying he was expecting kudos in return. You, know what he DOES deserve the kudos for it, because you know those two assholes don't do shit for anyone except themselves. I digressed obviously, sorry(I think).

 I guess what I'm bouncing around with is that, if your claiming to be in the holiday spirit, act like it, truly fucking act like it. No forgiveness on Saturday bullshit, stand up and just be a rad ass human. Smile to strangers, hold a door, use you manners, help each other out. THEN, maybe the holiday spirit will actually start to mean something, once we all start participating. PAY IT FORWARD(recommended watch).

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