Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Social media, the extreme implosion of respectful behavior

The more I browse around any of the social media sites the worse it gets. The common courtesy of ANY human opinion is put on trial and usually crucified and burned at the stake for good measure. The ability to have any civil debate/banter seems to have taken a big steamer in cyber-space. Usually resorts to bloody name calling, bullying, and even implied physical harm. What the hell happened around here? I get and rather enjoy we don't all share the same opinions, it's actually taught me a lot of things. Granted that has been from people usually outside the USA and not trying to be a douche bag to get a point across. Yes, there can be a line between sarcasm and being a DB. Have things come too impersonal without a face and just a keyboard and imagination? Are we losing our ability as humans to successfully have live social interactions? I truly hope not, because then a lot of ugly groups win with a divided humanity. Groups like your(US) government, NSA, Terror groups, NRA, pharmaceutical companies(prescription drugs for social anxiety and such), and so on. Another group that takes the biggest hit, our futures, our children. They are not learning social courtesies and customs when they aren't practicing these things outside of school interaction and seeing mommy and/or daddy being an ass on FB or Twitter. Now you see this coming down the line with kids. The horrendous bullying(initiating and receiving) has escalated with web chatter, giving an easier medium without courage of face to face. The language and grammar has taken a major nose dive and affecting real life usage.

Solutions, are there any that people care to implement? Policing themselves seems to have become unacceptable and given way to typing what they wish they could say. Create more social environment and "activities" for ourselves, may have to get dressed and leave the house, never mind. Become more involved in our children's lives and nurture a more positive lifestyle(realize teachers aren't there to raise your kids, you are). Whatever the answers are, it comes down to us, each individual person to take care of themselves and fix their approach to this world of "impersonal interaction" and a little decorum in our daily life, keys or no keys.

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