Sunday, January 5, 2014

A game of life

 After accepting a major defeat for my life long favorite NFL team yesterday and clarity this morning(aka coffee), I found meaning in an old cliche. In this game known as life or _____ sport is like life, are both examples of this. Football in general kind of scream the point a little louder with the smaller amount of games played. Things like Baseball, Hockey, Skateboarding(no season), Bball, "soccer", etc that have longer seasons carry the lessons from game to game.
 Getting to the point of it all, is the emotional highs of expectations, wonder, great plays, and wins in one package. Crashing the lows of frustration and for some actual anger of losses, "bad calls", slumps, and even seen tragedies. So, let's break down the cliche into some sort of format.

  Offseason/preseason is about a new year/season and preparation. We set up our goals, plans, and expectations for the new year. This is the time for laying the ground work of achieving these short and long term goals. Preparing the the groundwork for that success and giving ourselves the realistic best chances we can for it. From people we add or subtract around us to the steps/actions needed to achieve our goals. Creating our environment for a better year.

 Season is the toughest and most emotionally taxing part of the journey. It's about the grind and actual implementation of your plans(game plan) to conquer each obstacle along the way. Adjusting to failures and flawed plans, because NOTHING ever goes as planned. Setting a new adjusted plan for each new hurdle coming(game). How do you handle the defeats/failures and the emotional valley that hits afterward? Do you let it define you, motivate you, or make you quit? Do the improbable wins and euphoric highs give your ego too much float and create arrogance, or simply build confidence for the next road block? The mental toughness, resolve, and ability to adjust to those dark days.

  Postseason/home stretch is about the final steps to your goals. They are in sight and just out of reach, but there. The emotional tax is greater and far more intense and exaggerated. Last chance efforts to grab that brass ring or scrap it and start over next year.

This is all kind of brushed over to make it digestible or bite size to help reach a point, somewhere along the way. I know this isn't any revolutionary idea or thought process, but rather a reminder how things can emulate others.

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