Thursday, January 9, 2014

Carnival barker sales pitches and reality

 Recent events have reminded me of an old lesson I learned about sales over 20 years ago. The louder and more competition negative one is, the more they are trying to make you not see. If you have to resort to name calling or bashing your competition, the more your trying to evoke emotional buying decisions and less informed ones. That becomes dangerous for long term image and satisfaction when the warts or details rise up. People fall for it all the time from bad car sales to tech giants convincing you to pay 3x a product value because in reality it was shiny. There is always details or "fine print" these type of carnival barkers leave out, they hope you don't notice before the emotional high they created wears off. All I'm saying is be wary of these techniques and the impulse jump on to that band wagon. History has shown these results over and over again that even prompted the phrase "If it's too good to be true, it mostly likely is".
 I'm kind of old school in my approach to actual honest customer service. In return I've NEVER had a store lose money year over year and always sat near the top in sales. Our customer loyalty was the best, because the way we treated them. People grow tired of the used car sales/Politician/carnival barker techniques, along with name calling/bad mouthing the competition. If you are truly better, you can promote those advantages without focusing on the mud slinging. In the end, I'm just recommending you not jump to the emotional knee jerk buy, but level headed decision about the fine print and pros/cons to be happy with that purchase in the long run and no buyer's remorse.

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