Sunday, February 23, 2014

Why I do skate reviews

I love reviewing the little guys and helping spread the word on them. When the product is good and driven with passion, I WANT to help spread the word. I'm not huge with a ton of followers on the blog, but it's decent and it's a starting point.

I do want to do the reviews differently now. Not only review the products, but a little back story on the company and people behind it. Helps people get to know that there's more to the item and actually develop a connection with the story. In 20+ years of sales, that emotional connection creates a loyal buyer back for more and word of mouth.

I do this stuff, because as an old dog in this industry, I've seen the marketing game become as dominant and influential as ever before. Creates a HUGE hill to climb for the guy starting out. I wanted to take my retail knowledge and skate experience and help shrink the gap in any way I can.

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