Monday, June 9, 2014

random thoughts of PMA and rants...

You're not better than me and I'm not better than you.

People need to stop being assholes to everyone around them because they woke up with a burr up their ass.

Our government has created an entire society of paranoid, greed filled, self destructive people....and watching that world burn for entertainment.

Rational thinking seems to be a part of a deluxe package people didn't sign up for.

Nobody cares about your public displays for attention seeking, when posting your sob story/drama on FB....PM that shit to your friends. Or get a damn therapist.

Quit crying broke and posting your ass getting wasted, buying new shit, getting new ink, or feeding another vice. Quit your vices and save money. You obviously don't know broke.

Smile to someone, make their day a touch brighter for that second. It didn't cost you anything.

Pay kindness forward, WITHOUT asking for a thing in return. Stop looking for an edge or advantage.

Spend positive quality time with your kids, they are more important than your social life.

If you don't like someone on social networking, quit being a douche bag keyboard warrior.... stop bloody following them and move on!!

Assault weapons are for socially weak and inept.  Learn there are other ways to handle conflict.

To be continued. .... enjoy? Lol

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