Sunday, June 29, 2014

The quiet and respectful storm

Earlier this year my son was losing his passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu because the school he was at, had no direction and structure. Learning became lost with students not listening and playing around. A month or so earlier he visited a sister school of Gracie PAC and fell in love with the program, a true professor, and awesome kids that embraced him and made him feel welcomof person you  He wanted to switch and we did not question it or look back, it is HIS journey after all.
 What we really didn't realize until later was the things reputation doesn't tell you. The amazing love and character all the students have for each other, the school, and their professor(who teaches EVERY kids class) and coaches. It is a truly amazing close group and family from top all the way down. From the professor, to the coaches, to the multiple IBJJF champions, to the first class white belt, it is equal love and respect.
 Along the way you meet some great kids with these attributes personified. One young man(13 yrs old) that has quietly impressed and goes on without one ounce of ego, is Damiani Castro. This young man has been sitting at the top of the IBJJF rankings for 2 years straight now. Every other competition he does in Florida are against 15 and 16 year old teens(remember he only 13) and winning them. Not only winning, but with respect for the other competitors and the sport. While he is currently an orange belt under Professor Cris, you can imagine that green will be in his grasp as he continues to to own the mat, straight A grades in school, and represent himself and school with his humbled professionalism.
 You can only imagine how much more untouchable his ranking would be if the IBJJF did a couple of tournaments in Florida. Until that day, do yourself a favor and hit a tournament in Tampa and watch a future leader in the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and now he's adding Judo to his game. You won't be disappointed in his matches or the young man you will meet.
 This is the type of person you hope your own child will become.

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