Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Who am I? Good question... I'm a guy who has tip toed his way into his 40's(like a lumbering rhino) and a beautiful family putting up with my sarcasm and insanity. With over 22 years of sales and upper retail management at my side, I decided to give back a little with this site. With more and more sales(especially specialty or niche) going toward online purchasing due to not having enough specialty brick and mortar to shop. I decided to start giving my all mighty wisdom and feedback on some of these items. I am starting completely out of my own broke pocket. So, reviews will be slow going in the beginning and maybe run into a few brave/confident companies to send samples or products for the reviews. I also am aware that a lot of people just don't like to read, so I'll add some video too. enjoy and feel free to contact for anything!!

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