Sunday, January 24, 2016

Educate your ignorance to understanding

Open your minds and hearts everyone. Don't let ignorance guide you, learn about everyone! Walk a mile as the saying goes. I went through USMC boot camp as a platoon guide and my #1 right hand man was Muslim and I couldn't have more trust with my life to anyone else than him. The religion really is steeped in peace, love, and tradition. Yes, you've all heard the snippets of extreme quotes in the Qur'an. The few extremist quotes you here are far less extreme than the Christian bible extreme quotes. Educate yourself and Google them, there are ones of ripping unborn children from the mother's belly. Turn off your TV and meet a Muslim in person and ask open honest questions, seek understanding of their religion instead of judgement. Don't try and debate, listen to them for understanding not converting them or views of right and wrong. Your own bible teaches of peace and tolerance, loving thy neighbor. Realize that the Qur'an recognizes Jesus as one of God's most powerful prophets. Learn with an open mind and an open heart. Stop hiding in your vanilla world and add some flavor to it. Muslims are people like you and I, you maybe Christian or Jewish, I am Atheist(learning more about pagan), but can all live together, respect and love each other for our differences. BTW that friend in boot camp died for this country fighting extremism in the Middle East. I miss him to this day.

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