Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Support true small companies in Skateboarding

Here's my thinking "out loud" and inspired again. What IF all of us talking and pushing for skater owned and the grass roots/underground part of skateboarding started pushing another small part of the industry, representing dedicated passion? Women in skateboarding is more than a novelty and never gets any real love from the industry they love(outside the Buffoni marketing machine of Nike). They don't get the marketing money, the massive board sales, the shops pushing products, crazy demo tours, and things we over look. One of the biggest things identified as a problem is equality for women in world. Yet, we don't seem to put our money where our mouth/heart is. The boards come from the SAME wood shops as the guys and everything! Graphics? Same shit you sticker over and boardslide off in a good session anyway? Now what is your excuse? Hell, My friends and I have all said we won't dropo a dime into someone like Nyjah whose actions have shown he is all about the payday and not the passion. These ladies are all passion, they have to be for reasons I stated before. Damn, I have a daughter and want her to chase her dreams but don't help create a world of equality to do it in(no she doesn't skate), makes me the biggest hypocrite setting her up for failure. I digress, because there is one more very important point to make in all of this. These girls are NOT some little special freak sideshow and go "oh how cute" don't fall down and go boom(since Nyjah posted that in his interview). They fucking RIP!!! No bubble wrap mainstream dream on these girls!! They take the slam just like you and I(maybe not me since I'm old and groan a little longer) putting in the broken bones, torn ligaments, blood, bruises, and curse words for the moment they land the trick. They pay their dues just like all of us, and THAT deserves just as much respect as anything else in skateboarding.

Support the love of skating, and any new avenue to do so. Just my 2 cents is all.

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